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Confession Wednesday #33



I have a space heater

I loathe people with space heaters in their office (or cubicle). Loathe them. Why? Space heaters are serious fire hazards and considering I always work with the people that can’t even to remember to turn off their lights in their office…it’s scary when you walk in on a weekend and notice that someone left their heater on for most of the weekend.

I also loathe the power consumption. Granted I am not paying the electrical bill; however, it’s more economical and environmentally friendly to recalibrate the heating system -than say, have every single person own a space heater. I want to scream at the people who must have a space heater on during the summer because the air conditioner makes it too cold.

For the past few years I have gotten quite mad with some of the older guys that work in my hall. You see, they turn down the heat and mess up the whole system. I constantly have to adjust my vent in my office or check the thermostat while they are too lazy to close their vent. I go from sweating when I wear short sleeves to shivering when I wear a turtleneck. Last month I couldn’t take it anymore and I stole the extra space heater out of a recently emptied office.

Now I am one of the people I hate. I have a space heater under my desk because I am freezing cold. I am wearing a turtleneck today. I hate people. :)

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