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Random question #8




Why is it so hard for so many people to park correctly?

Today while leaving for lunch someone had parked so close to me on the driver’s side that I had to get in on the passenger side and climb over the console to get into my car. The worst part is the person that parked on the passenger side was parked almost as close at at a crazy angle so getting out was next to impossible.

To further prove that people are stupid at parking…when I stopped at the bank I parked in the “ATM” spot, right next to the handicap spot with the extra wide zebra stripes so it’s handicap van accessible. Someone pulled up behind me in an SUV, paused, then parked on the zebra stripes and had their mirror almost touching mine they were so close. CRAZY PEOPLE!!

I could tell you that all three drivers were women, but that would start a fight -even though it’s true. Ha!

What the hell #28



Urinal Cake

For whatever reason, we have a lot of problems at work with the bathrooms smelling absolutely terrible. The best part? The worst smelling bathroom is less than 50 feet from my office. So in someone’s brilliance, they decided to get one of those little toilet bowl cleaner and air freshener things you hang in your toilet. Great, at least we’ll have something for the people that forget to spray some nasty air freshener…


It’s kinda funny when people walk out of the bathroom carrying the aroma of the air freshener, because you know what they were doing and you know they smell. I donno, I always laugh about it as I walk by.

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So this hanging cleaner disk smells. It smells just like a urinal cake. Ask any guy (and some girls too) what it smells like when you walk into a cheap public men’s room…it smells like this pungent menthol eucalyptus scent that about knocks you over. That’s what this freaking toilet bowl cleaner is! I swear it’s a plastic hanger with a freaking urinal cake in it.

Needless to say I flush the toilet 10x a day when I walk by the bathroom just to make the thing shrink and hopefully go away faster. Yes I know that’s a major waste of water; but it stinks.

I wrote this with excitement of being able to use the term “urinal cake” as many times as possible.