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Confession Wednesday #34



I love Oreo cookies

This is not to be confused with other posts (that I cannot be bothered to link to right now) about candy, cookies or other things I like to eat. This is just about Oreo cookies.

Last night while shopping for toilet paper I saw Oreos were on sale. The question was, do I get Double Stuff, Regular or whatever else they were selling…? Regular. I donno about you, when when I shop for toilet paper I always think about food. Right. I know you do too.

Anyway. I bought a bag of Oreos…then kinda didn’t think about them until I was about to get into bed. Then I was like “Oooh I have Oreos in here!” so as I am standing in my room, in my pjs (right) I opened up the bag of Oreos.

I only ate two. Then I went to bed. Now all day all I wanted to do was eat one freaking Oreo!!

Random question #9



Valentine’s Day

Why does this guy have it so right and the rest of us have it so wrong? Valentine’s day @

I guess some traditions get lost…

“If you think about it, saying ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s Day means less then it does pretty much any other day of the year; it’s like there’s inflation on the currency of romance or something.”

Even better…

it occurs to me:

flowers are the only things you can kill, wrap up in paper and give to someone without it being creepy.

for example: here’s some dead puppies. they’re red. irish setters. red means i love you.

– Snipped from Ze’s Blog

Happy Valentine’s Day*!

(*comercial holiday)