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Random question #7



Camera flash

Why do people use a flash at large sporting venues and concerts when they are sitting 2 miles from the action?

I need to do a public service for a moment…

Using a flash for something more than 6 feet away is useless unless you have a professional camera with an external flash. Even then, the distance is very limited. You are better off saving your batteries and just trying to take the photo while holding still. I know on some new cameras and even disposable ones this is impossible…so for those of you in that seat: are forgiven. Everyone else, please stop using your flash.

This message brought to you by the letter ‘B’ for battery, blinding-light, bologna. Thank you.

In other news #49



I like tequila

I also like to make my friends sick…I mean, I like to see them have a good time. Friday night while talking with my roommate I realized I had not been out to let loose since my birthday and for some reason I was on a mission to have fun and see my friends have fun as well.

I brought a bottle of tequila back from Mexico for my roommate and I to consume -I should say: to hopefully consume over multiple nights. Apparently 6 people can drink 1/3 the bottle before going to the bar within 10 minutes. After eating left-over pasta, I had my 4 shots, so I was ready to go…to the bar…to drink more.

After a few Guinness’s to ease the pain in my stomach I became the Jägermeister Nazi and forced everyone to have shot after shot of Jager. Mmm yummy!

It doesn’t matter what we did or where we went. We had a designated driver who was kind enough to slow down so I could get sick on the highway. My roommate was kind enough to get sick on himself to save the car. Oh yea, and my other buddy who passed out on the couch got sick when he went home.

The next morning all of them said they had an awesome time. Apparently we just forgot that we are not 21 anymore and pretty much became lazy bums all day on Saturday.

Life is good.