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Random question #4




Why is the song “You’re beautiful” by James Blunt not getting old after being played on repeat for two days straight?

…Just started play number 48 in iTunes.

I have $10 that says I hate the song by Friday.

Confession Wednesday #32



I like movies

I own about 60 DVDs…all movies I have seen at least once and a few VHS tapes with one movie having been watched over 30 times (I stopped counting). I go to the movies all the time, I get pissy with my friends when they change plans and we miss a movie when it’s at the theater. Other times I get pissy if there is a movie at the theater that I know will be just as good on TV at home.

I don’t know what it is, but damn do I love movies.

Walking through Blockbuster this week and for the past two months I realized that I have seen more movies (old and new) then anyone else I know. What’s worse? I can tell you a huge chunk of the story. So if you are ever bored and don’t really want to see a movie, but you want to know what it’s about, come over and we’ll go to the rental store and I’ll just start giving you the abridged (Cliff Notes anyone) version of the movie.

I wonder if I could get paid to do that?