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I am an amateur photojournalist always looking to improve. I try to shoot digital like it’s film; I try not to shoot film like it’s digital.

In May of 2005 I purchased a digital point-n-shoot; March of 2006 I bumped up to dSLR. 20,000+ photos later I’m, still finding my style. I’m playing around now and going back to film with some ideas from the digital side. I shoot portraits, musicians, cars and random bits of cities. Mostly I just like taking photos that feel personal, almost as if you are there with me sharing in the moment.

I haven’t been posting my most recent work, but for some samples hop over to flickr.

Most other photogs ask this question…so for you, here’s the answer.

I shoot with:
– Canon SD400 [Digital] PnS
– Canon Rebel S [35mm] SLR
– Canon FTb [35mm] SLR
– Canon 5D [Digital] SLR
– Canon G10 [Digital] PnS
– Canon [35mm] PnS
– Minolta [APS] PnS
– Yashica-Mat [120] TLR
– Yashica Lynx-14e [35mm] Rangefinder
– Yashica Lynx-5000 [35mm] Rangefinder
– Diana [120] PnS
– Ilford Sportsman [35mm] Rangefinder
– Hasselblad 500C