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about bd


I don’t mind being called a nerd, dork, dweeb, etc. In large words, I call myself a Cultural Attaché & Conceptual Artisan. I like to invent, develop, manage and dream solutions to problems. What kind of problems? Anything. From the dripping faucet to global poverty…I don’t necessarily succeed. I just like drawing out possible solutions, as well as discussing them.

I have an eccentric personality and a wide range of interests…so you’ll find me all over the Internet; the same guy, just talking about different things. If you see the name “babblingdweeb”, odds are: it’s me. I rant and I ramble with the best of them…just watch the questions you ask me. Most importantly, make sure to tell me if you are pressed for time.

I have an artistic side and an analytical side that either clash or compliment depending on the moment. I was fascinated with computers at a young age, and I was fortunate enough to have family that encouraged and supported me. I was self taught and made a career out of what I enjoyed. I’ve worked with computers, networks, security and the internet for over ten years. I have spent more time than I like to admit in colleges and universities. I have various pieces of paper to show for it too. I also have a practical side. I have worked on strategic business decisions with a museum, a library, an automotive parts division, and a historical building. In the afternoon you might find me raking leaves at the dog park. At night playing video games. In the morning I read.

I act my age, but forget how old I am. I’m a dork underneath it all and a kid at heart

Why have a website? Or why have a blog?

Yes this is a QR code with the blog URL of the blog you are already reading. Yes it’s redundant. It’s funny.

In 2004 I claimed to be blogging. Did I? Eh, kind of. It was more or less a regular stream of dribble. So yes, I suppose I was blogging.

I’m still the dweeb and I still babble, this is just a new twist on old ways. I spend a lot of time across many different websites, forums, clubs, blogs, etc. For the past few years I wanted a “home base” for friends (and I suppose foes) to land on and get directed to all things me. Not necessarily an online resume, not really a static homepage…but not a hardcore blog either.

So here we are. Why did you read all of this? I guess now you know more about me. Knowing is half the battle.