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In other news #51



I spill things

Last night while I was reading I decided I was done with studying and I wanted to get ready for bed…and read a different book. I reached over for my bookmark (yes I use bookmarks) and decided it would be a great idea to knock over a 12oz glass of water with excessive force in the general direction of my bookshelf…general direction being that the bookshelf opening is 2 inches from the full glass of water.

I must have subconsciously decided that it was a good idea to aim in the general direction of my books…a specific section of books. Yes that’s right THAT section. Oh, maybe haven’t mentioned that before. So I have these books where some are rare (and old) and others are just old…like 100 years and approaching 100 years. Along with some historical documents I keep in that section I also have a limited edition of LIFE I bought a year ago that’s from the 50’s. Thankfully the water just decided it didn’t want to get anything of value wet and it went on my floor…how? I have NO idea. Physics doesn’t allow for what happened, but I’ll take it.

You would have thought I would learn a lesson after someone else spilled water on a $500 comic book collection. Nope…I learned NOTHING.

I’m smart. :)

What the hell #29




I love this website PostSecret (as most of you know), but I might be annoyed with the flood of Valentine’s Day postcards. Yuck. As if the cards were not depressing enough to start with now I have to think about love during the largest commercial holiday next to Christmas! Blah.