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What the hell #15




Yeay! today is Talk Like A Pirate Day! Now I can tell Pirate jokes all day…

Q. What is a pirate’s favorite television show?
A. The ARRRsenio Hall Show!

Q. What is a pirate’s favorite pair of socks?
A. ARRgyle

Q. What did Captain Hook die from?
A. Jock itch.

Q. What is a pirate’s favorite dessert?
A. Chips A-Hoy!

Q. What did the pirate call his dog?
A. Patch!

Personal Favorite!
Q. How does a pirate say “thank you” in Japanese?
A. AAAAArrrrrigato

Q. Why didn’t the pirate go to the movies?
A. Because it was rated aarrrrrrrrrahhhhh.

Not-so-Jolly Roger

A soldier meets a pirate in a bar, and the talk turns to their adventures. The soldier notes that the pirate has a peg leg, a hook and an eye patch.

“How did you end up with a peg leg?” he asks.

The pirate replies, “I was swept overboard into a school of sharks. As my men were pulling me out, a shark bit my leg off.”

“Wow!” says the soldier. “What about your hook?”

“Well,” answers the pirate, “we were boarding a ship when one of the enemy hacked off my hand.”

“Incredible. How’d you get the eye patch?”

“A grapefruit squirted in my eye,” the pirate replies.

“You lost your eye to grapefruit juice?”

“Well,” says the pirate, “it was my first day with the new hook.”

Daily Horoscope



Scorpio – InfoSpace

Don’t you need a love first, before you can rock the love boat? I suppose you could have a lover’s quarrel with yourself, but it really would not be that productive -not that a lover’s quarrel is ever productive. Blah. Boring.

“Don’t rock the love boat just because you’re feeling a touch cantankerous, or it could be a totally unnecessary case of passenger overboard. There’s a time and a place for a big discussion, so make sure this absolutely needs discussing before you march in and announce it’s time for a state-of-the-union address. Current aggressive astrological influences could trigger a full-scale war from a minor disagreement, so you might want to save it for later.”
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio – InfoSpace

In other news #30



I made it

Per Photo Moment #5; I made it on into Gallery 575 and my photo was in the “highlights”. Sweet. Thanks to Dad for noticing, because I stopped looking a month ago. :)

Blogs of note #15



Worth a mention, good for a laugh

TGIF…it’s a “feature” day at BD@BS!! I’m not even going to comment on missing last week, so you shouldn’t either…on with the sideshow!

Junk Feud – Even if you only want to read one trashy post that makes fun of celebrities, you HAVE TO read this one about three way calling. If you want to read more, check out the “giving the finger” editions.

Waiter Rant – Old link revisited, because the website is new, the writer is not. Funny stories from a waiter and his rants about the people he serves. Maybe he’s complaining about you!

17 reasons why I’m crazy – What is Joe up to today? I donno. There was Vegas in July complete with photos and video antics with friends. Weekend parties trying to be cool…come on, you know you’re just like Joe.

a strip a day – Think Dilbert meets The Simpson’s meets political cartoons that make you think; without making you think. Guest stars like Rosie, G. W. Bush, Osama…it’s a party and you’ll laugh if you’re educated…or simple minded. Hell you just might be dislexic and I can say what I want right now and you can’t read it…I digress…anyway the pictures are good too.

Non-blog link…there’s one in here sometimes, well here’s one now! In case you don’t know how women get pregnant someone made a video just for you with cartoons. It’s educational, so I fulfilled my “learn something new” quota for the week…okay I put it up for humor purposes only. Bored? Watch, laugh and burn some calories!

Daily Horoscope



Scorpio – InfoSpace

Sigh. Things have thrown me for a loop lately, actually…that’s what I’m in a downward spiral of a loop…of sorts. After a few interesting months at work, this week was frustrating. I know, I’m being vague. I’ve had a pet project at my office that has to be terminated. Two of my three volunteer projects are coming to their life’s end prematurely due to lack of funds. An additional side project is in question because the key player’s motivation is debatable.

Is the ability to not throw up a hidden talent? I’m kidding people! :)

“Has a difficult challenge thrown you for a loop? That’s no problem — you’ve got all the resources you need to deal with it. Even if you’re feeling at a loss, look inward for the answers and faith you need to guide you through this current conundrum. You may just discover a hidden talent or apply an old one in a new way that will teach you an invaluable lesson for the future. Go ahead and work it; that’s what it’s there for.”
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio – InfoSpace

Photo moment #21



“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”
– Stacia Tauscher

This is not my photo. Photo and pairing with quote by: HaMeD!cal. Found on Flickr and it moved me so much today I had to share it.