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Blogs of note #15



Worth a mention, good for a laugh

TGIF…it’s a “feature” day at BD@BS!! I’m not even going to comment on missing last week, so you shouldn’t either…on with the sideshow!

Junk Feud – Even if you only want to read one trashy post that makes fun of celebrities, you HAVE TO read this one about three way calling. If you want to read more, check out the “giving the finger” editions.

Waiter Rant – Old link revisited, because the website is new, the writer is not. Funny stories from a waiter and his rants about the people he serves. Maybe he’s complaining about you!

17 reasons why I’m crazy – What is Joe up to today? I donno. There was Vegas in July complete with photos and video antics with friends. Weekend parties trying to be cool…come on, you know you’re just like Joe.

a strip a day – Think Dilbert meets The Simpson’s meets political cartoons that make you think; without making you think. Guest stars like Rosie, G. W. Bush, Osama…it’s a party and you’ll laugh if you’re educated…or simple minded. Hell you just might be dislexic and I can say what I want right now and you can’t read it…I digress…anyway the pictures are good too.

Non-blog link…there’s one in here sometimes, well here’s one now! In case you don’t know how women get pregnant someone made a video just for you with cartoons. It’s educational, so I fulfilled my “learn something new” quota for the week…okay I put it up for humor purposes only. Bored? Watch, laugh and burn some calories!

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