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Blogs of note #14



Worth a mention, good for a laugh

TGIF…it’s a “feature” day at BD@BS!! Last week I missed (again-again-again-again and I think again) big surprise…it won’t be another again. :) Well well well, just few links to add to your viewing pleasure…on with the sideshow!

being jennifer garrett – I have to mention this one again (and it’s been on my blogroll for some time) because she is reading 100 random blogs in 100 days…and reviewing them. Hmm sounds kinda like what I do. She’s just keeping on task :)

me, my camera and my life – Thoughts and pictures to go along with the posts. Click the “random life” link…it’s my favorite.

Nuclear Physics – You need to visit just for Friday Acronym Challenge!

return of the “kissing slut” – I swear KS has been on Blogs of Note before…but I can’t find the post so here we go…! Totally open, honest, funny and real (well, she might be a he and he might just write for kicks, but I think it’s real).

First and Last and Always – “goth punk child of hippies turned corporate whore”…do I really need to say anything? I mean you know you’ll click just to see what it’s all about.

Confessions of a Monkey – Perfect for an afternoon of laughs until you pee your pants. Yup, I said “pee your pants”…is it the ex roommate posts? The Best of Late Night Laughs? Little Monkey’s question of the day? Or just the random thoughts? I donno…but I like it.

In other news #28



I’m selling photos

Well…not yet. I haven’t picked the right one yet. However there is an auction online at Flickr [] for the Hurricane relief effort. Tons of pictures and lots of money to go to the Red Cross if you see something you like.