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43 things #1



Sign up…complete! Now I just need to start helping…

43 things 43 places



Finally working

After months of being on 43 things and 43 places I can post about stuff on my blog…yeay. Now if there could just be a little formatting of the posts, I would be all set. What a freaking nerd.

Blogs of note #16



Worth a mention, good for a laugh

TGIF…it’s a “feature” day at BD@BS!! Yes, that’s two weeks in a row after a long hiatus of nonsense and other ramblings off to lala land. What? I donno, I was trying to be funny…on with the sideshow!

My Life…Chaotic Beauty & My Life…Chaotic Discord are two blogs that make one blog like a split personality of three people with dual personalities…but really one primary author. Confusing as it sounds, it’s really simple! One is negative and the other is positive. Regardless of which author or personality you prefer, it’s slices of life you can sympathize, empathize or harmonize (err smile) to. “I look around this room and I see a pottery flower pot my sister gave me. I don’t have flowers in it. It holds a book mark, and a used post-it note. I keep this because my sister gave it to me.” — We all have stories like that. :)

Photo-A-Day – Tim Halberg takes a picture per day and posts it. Want to see what he sees? Visit. There is always something new to see…everyday. Camera phone or trusty Canon 1D MarkII -you know the photos are cool if he takes at least one per day.

Friut Loops and Porn – Don’t ask how I stumble upon these blogs, I just do. Now do your job and read my comment! Her confessions? “I flashed Gene Simmons at a 1996 concert. I was only 15.” Nice. “I had a crush on a third cousin thrice removed who was Scottish and loved to run around naked. He made Tommy Lee look like a eunuch.” …and my favorite “I slept with an ex-boyfriend’s sister in retaliation for him cheating on me.” If you like that…go read the rest on your own, I’m done copying and pasting.

Photo moment #23



“Some things and some people have to be approached obliquely, at an angle.”
– AndrĂ© Gide

[ice cream]

Confession Wednesday #18



I lie about my age

So my birthday is coming up in less then two months and I have been lying about my age for almost a full year. It’s not because I need to get into bars, try and pick up older women (or younger) nor is it because I really want to be on the next MTV Real World season. It’s because I forgot how old I was.

No joke.

I found an email from December of last year that shows my first offense. Since that time when at family functions or out with friends and people ask how old I am or we joke about who the oldest is I would tell everyone I was 28; even though I just turned 27. This summer it came up in one of my classes when one girl was talking about how she felt so old in her classes and made a joke about being at the University for almost 10 years…I chimed in that I was in the same boat and mentioned I was 28.

If that wasn’t funny enough for you, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this next part.

My blogger profile shows I am 27 along with a few other websites. I thought that all of these sites were messed up and using years instead of actually calculating birthdays or they had some year 2000 bug still unchecked. Yea, I thought they were calculating it incorrectly. So a few weeks ago I noticed it again in my blogger profile and I decided that was it…I was going to report the bug. First (thankfully) I got out the trusty calculator and figured out my age. 27. Maybe I did something wrong…I check it again. 27. Then the memories come back of all the times I said I was 28.

Needless to say that since then I have to think when someone asks me how old I am because I have two ages now. I also have been writing my birthday as the current date; so I would put 09/21/2005 as my birthday if you asked me to write it down.

On the positive side, I’ll be 28 for another year!

Photo moment #22



“Never be afraid to laugh at yourself, after all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century.”
– Dame Edna Everage

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