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Adventure #7



November 2005: Karaoke

How is Karaoke an adventure? Well it was my first time Saturday night, it was crazy. Saturday was my birthday and I love doing crazy funny things and getting everyone to feel like they are on crack while they have a good time too. I’ll sum it up for you…

When the night was over I had:
– 4x Jack-n-Coke

– Crown Royal
– 5x Snake Bite
– Lemon Drop
– Wolf’s p***y (it tastes like chocolate cake I swear)

Funny moments:
– Having a bar full of strangers sing happy birthday
– Having my friends request I sing “Stand by your man”
– Actually singing “Stand by your man”…when I was way too sober
– Signing “Daydream Believer” by the Monkeys with my sister
– Seeing strangers wave their hands in the air like they’re 15 year old girls at a NKOTB concert
– Going to a hole-in-the-wall bar where everyone knows your name before the night is over…even when it’s your first time there…and you say to people “you know my name?!”
– Hearing my roommate say 100 times “I’m kinda a big deal…people know me” –like he was Ron Burgundy
– Laughing every time my roommate said that like it was the first time I ever heard it

The best:
Asking the DJ if he had a song that wasn’t in the book…he finds it. I go up to sing before my last 2 shots, the place has 20 people left –including the staff. Before the song is queued up I get on the mic and say “I know there are not a lot of people here, but the 10 of you are going to make it should like there is 50…no 100 people!” –someone yells the number 1,000 “No!! 1,000 people…we are going to make this place rock!” –my sister yells Madison Square Garden “We are going to make this place as loud as Madison Square Garden damn it!!” (I think I said damn it, but I might be recalling this wrong). I make some comment about the song being by our buddy our patriot or something like that… “Mr. Neil Diamond!!” I break into America by Neil Diamond and I belt that crap out like I am Neil so loud that Liberace, Elton John and Neil Diamond himself wish they were there to kill me and take over.


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