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Blogs of note #17



Worth a mention, good for a laugh

TGIF…it’s a “feature” day at BD@BS!! After skipping out for 7 weeks I think I owe an update. Why? Because I have fun telling you about stuff that you don’t care about. Shhh…on with the sideshow!

It’s f*cking hard to be classy – Cath from Aussie-land tells us “the random thoughts of a woman of the new millennium.” She talks about horrid hospital food and how her friends accuse her of being too busy for a boyfriend. Give her some attention will you?

Group Hug – Anonymous online confessions “I like to rub my feet on the carpet when i accidentally step in water or something…then yell at other people for doing the same thing. I’m such a hypocrite. ” and “when my hormones are surging i develop a soft spot for semi-crappy emo songs
” –these are just a few of the random confessions you find.

Some Guy On A Journey – One guy’s journey through life and all the emotions that come with it.
From the dredges of the work world to the thought of rage in his heart to posts titled
“I don’t feel alright, in spite of these comforting sounds you make.” –you need to take a trip over and follow his journey.

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