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What the hell #19



The Post Office is great

Or they are terrible and just want excuses to charge more money for a service that is old and antiquated. What set me off today? “Snail mail: postcard lands 50 years later” @ Reuters.

A Swedish postcard bearing a lottery number arrived 50 years after being sent to a retirement home on the Baltic island of Gotland.
– STOCKHOLM [Reuters]

Oh yea, they are on top of things…

In other news #37



It is about that time

For my high school 10 year reunion. Wow…it’s been 10 years since I was trapped in the hell some people call the best time of their life. Okay it wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t hell…all the time.

It looks like it will cost $80 to see some old friends, have drinks and reminisce about the good times past; or for some of us (my friends and I who have talked about this) laugh at those who thought they were something, but never amounted to anything. How bad is it that I so bad want to mock those that mocked me? Ugh. What a morality tail. I could be the better person or I could have some fun that really won’t do any lasting damage…so it’s not that bad, or is it?

I got a kick out of one friend’s recent phone call from a classmate. The classmate went on as if my friend and her were friends in school, which they never were. She went on to talk about her soccer mom lifestyle and ask my friend if she was married, kids, etc. Needless to say they had little to talk about since my friend is not married, doesn’t have kids and is not a fan of soccer. When my friend told me about the call I thought she was lying because this stuff only happens in movies! No lie, it happened.

So I am going to buy a ticket, because I just have to see how shallow and naive some of these people really are. Besides it will make for good blogging!

The only question I have left to decide: do I bring a date? That’s a tough question. I mean, do I try to pick up one of the girls that never talked to me when we went to school, but now thinks she should talk to me? $80 just to bring a date? Yuck…maybe Ill fly solo for this one…