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Confession Wednesday #26



I am not a turkey fan

Well it’s time for the obligatory holiday post. I mean I have to right? Right. So…every year there are numerous times where I have turkey at somebody’s house, holidays or not. However, I dislike turkey. It doesn’t matter how moist it is or how rich in flavor; it’s just blah to me.

Every year I’m thankful for the same thing: choices. There are a few good cooks in the family (I’m not one of them) and there are so many different things to choose from, I’m thankful I don’t have to eat very much turkey. Well I’m thankful for other things too…like chocolate malts and computers and bottle caps. Maybe some other stuff too.

Since I’m not a fan of turkey, I’ll be trying to help pass out turkey to some folks tomorrow in hopes of ridding the earth of turkey…and helping feed a few people that are hungry. If you get a chance and you have the means: please help you local shelters this winter with can goods, blankets, jackets, mittens/gloves, hats and all things that keep you warm or anything that might warm someone’s heart…like a helping hand and a nice smile.

– bd