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What the hell #20



Big mouth folks

So I was skimming some news and came across an article that made me laugh. Forget the topic, forget the subject…I don’t care what side you might be on or if you’re Republican or Democrat.

Author’s opening argument:
Fieger is most known for his mouth.
Author’s closing statement:
He’s poison, and we could kick his sorry rear end with two hands tied behind our backs.

Is it just me or is the pot calling the kettle black here? I just like it when outspoken people complain about outspoken people. It could be Satan vs. God in a thumb wrestling match and if God made a comment like “Dude, I’m God…he just can’t win.” I would root for Satan. Why? I like seeing pie thrown in cocky people’s faces.

Is political news boring or what?

Article snips pulled from: Geoffrey Fieger running for Attorney General (Michigan) @

Photo moment #37



“Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you.”
– Bible, John xii, 35

[walking alone]

It’s quite rare that I ever quote the Bible; however, this quote was too fitting for the photo.

Confession Wednesday #25



I love junk food

I eat healthy, but I’m a junk food junkie too. Breakfast used to be my favorite meal, always a well rounded breakfast too. Since I moved out of my parents place (years ago) I can never seem to keep the cupboards full like my mother did. Now I eat Pop-Tarts or cookies for breakfast and on occasion I have an omelet for lunch.

When I do shop for groceries I shop once when I am not hungry for all the food I should eat; then I shop when I am hungry for all the food I shouldn’t eat. I end up with bags of chips, cheese dip, French onion dip, pretzels, junk junk and more junk. I love it!!

I just need to go shopping again. Last time I just bought one box of cereal and a half gallon of milk. The cereal is gone and the rest of the milk is spoiled. Maybe I should get a maid to shop for me…