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What the hell #17



Gay priests are okay

Help explain this to me, if you can. An organization that says homosexual activity is bad -basically you’ll burn in hell for eternity- now says it’s okay for member of its organization to be homosexual and be leaders in the organization? Interesting.

You don’t need to get me started on the Catholic church screaming “being gay is a sin” yet they have protected many child molesting priests…we’ll just talk about what’s in the headlines today…

So, as long as celibacy (3 years since last encounter) is in tact, a gay person can be a priest? Cool, I can handle that AND I support that. However, does the Vatican then ask that same priest to tell his clergy that homosexual activity is a sin? Isn’t that a little weird? It seems like a “do as I say not as I do” philosophy that might get a few people at the top to burn long before someone in the clergy burns.

Supposedly the Vatican will still ban men who show an “overwhelming attraction” to homosexual culture “even if it is only intellectually.” So, you could have a straight priest that is gung ho on learning all there is to know about homosexuality just so he can focus on converting the masses away from gay activities as if he was part of a mission…but he can’t be a priest because he’s too obsessed with what he’s trying to fight against? Ooookay…

What a strange little group with funny rules. If the current Pope decides to support gay marriage will a new religion form in the wake of the changes? Maybe history will repeat itself with a new birth of Christianity…interesting.

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