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In other news #33



Blog updates

I took a break from studying to make a few minor changes…a drum roll to my blog-birthday post and some redesign.

Comments: I added word verification on the comments. After almost 50 spam messages in one week I had enough. Hopefully that won’t cut down on the latest comment frenzy I’ve noticed.

Backlinks: Sometimes people link to postings on other blogs, well now I can track who’s linking to what. It looks little messy, but I think Blogger has it working right.

Feature topics: A little playing around with Google’s blog search and a little testing with some research I sent to Google and Blogger a few months back *BAM!*: Blog Categories. Now this only works well with my blog because I try to post the same title for every new topic. Let’s just say I cheated and tried to do this almost a year ago, gave up on tweaking Google and just waited until they tweaked it. :)

Archive list: I wanted to edit the format of the list for the archives to it wouldn’t take up as much space…finally figured out what I did wrong the first time I tried to get the right result. Now I have just what I want! :)

Sidebar information: After a little thought and an interest in change, I moved the info about me lower and the info about the blog higher. Food for thought: move “fun content” lower in your blog to encourage readers to scroll and offer a reward for those who made it that far. That was the latest recommendation from Blogger Buzz [09.20.2005] -I had to agree.

More changes to come…

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