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Confession Wednesday #18



I lie about my age

So my birthday is coming up in less then two months and I have been lying about my age for almost a full year. It’s not because I need to get into bars, try and pick up older women (or younger) nor is it because I really want to be on the next MTV Real World season. It’s because I forgot how old I was.

No joke.

I found an email from December of last year that shows my first offense. Since that time when at family functions or out with friends and people ask how old I am or we joke about who the oldest is I would tell everyone I was 28; even though I just turned 27. This summer it came up in one of my classes when one girl was talking about how she felt so old in her classes and made a joke about being at the University for almost 10 years…I chimed in that I was in the same boat and mentioned I was 28.

If that wasn’t funny enough for you, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this next part.

My blogger profile shows I am 27 along with a few other websites. I thought that all of these sites were messed up and using years instead of actually calculating birthdays or they had some year 2000 bug still unchecked. Yea, I thought they were calculating it incorrectly. So a few weeks ago I noticed it again in my blogger profile and I decided that was it…I was going to report the bug. First (thankfully) I got out the trusty calculator and figured out my age. 27. Maybe I did something wrong…I check it again. 27. Then the memories come back of all the times I said I was 28.

Needless to say that since then I have to think when someone asks me how old I am because I have two ages now. I also have been writing my birthday as the current date; so I would put 09/21/2005 as my birthday if you asked me to write it down.

On the positive side, I’ll be 28 for another year!

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