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What the hell #16



Watch what you drink

According to Death By Caffeine: You could drink 175.50 cups of Starbucks Grande Caffe Mocha before croaking. Nice! What’s your favorite caffeinated beverage? Check out how much could kill you!

Now for the educational part.

About a year ago (or longer) I got in an argument with a close friend that you can drink too much water and die; this is called “water intoxication”. It came up in conversation with a few other people this month…so after looking up the caffeine-to-death link I figured I would do a little research.


“Water intoxication was reported in 18% of marathon runners and in 29% of the finishers in a Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon in studies”
Published: Annals of Internal Medicine and in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

Water intoxication [hyponatremia] has symptoms generally mirror those of dehydration (apathy, confusion, nausea, and fatigue), although some individuals show no symptoms at all. If untreated, hyponatremia can lead to coma and even death. Nice! This is a result of diluting the salt in your body and sweating salt out; thus why sport drinks have sodium in them.

Want more info? See WebMD

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