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What the hell #13



Dogs are people too

I don’t own a dog, but my roommate does…and I have friends with dogs. What’s my rant about? Well currently Michigan is talking about changing their laws to possibly outlaw pit bulls completely. While headed to work I heard on the news this morning tons of people calling in for both sides of the issue. What else is new on morning radio other than some drama alongside a debate? Apparently some people that live in cities that forbid pit bulls have steep fines and jail time if you are caught owning a pit bull. Yuck!

You can’t argue statistics that show over the past 4 years 30% of fatal deaths from dog attacks were from Pit Bulls….50% if you include Rottweilers -but I have to say that there are exceptions to every rule and too many of these dogs have terrible dog owners. Is it fair to kill off a species because of bad people (speaking on the owners)? I don’t think so…but I’m not the one making the laws.

I know a very lovable pit bull that shows no signs of aggression unless you count her pushing you with her head and feet so she gets more off the bed, couch, blanket, pillow, floor or chair…than you. :)

WWMT – Digital Channel 3: Battle Creek backs down on pit bull rules

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