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Confession Wednesday #14



I’m an addict

I have been taking lots of pictures and spending more time away from the computer -this is a good thing by the way. I have a creative side that gets lost too often; however, I also have an addictive trait that gets me sucked into hobbies. :)

Two weekends ago I had a double-header of a weekend with concerts. I took 1500+ pictures and learned the rule of 10 for continuous picture taking: 1 in every 10 photos will be a keeper. I had about 150 good shots when I was done pruning the pics that I wanted to keep. The rule of 10 struck again when I found that I had about 15 great shots…and one more time when I found 2 amazing pictures.

I bought my camera on May 18th, a Wednesday. 11 weeks later I am 46 pictures away from taking 3,500 pictures with my camera. Tonight I have another local concert that I’ll be taking pictures at…and I know I’ll take more than 46 pictures. :)

Now I am just trying to decide if I want to pay attention to the photo count to try and get a “special” picture for number 3,500 or do I just keep taking pictures and see what I get? Tough call…I almost just want to take a pic of me. Hmmm we’ll have to see what I decide later!

“That which is static and repetitive is boring. That which is dynamic and random is confusing. In between lies art.”
– John A. Locke

Photo moment #7



“The true traveler is he who goes on foot, and even then, he sits down a lot of the time.”
– Colette, Paris From My Window, 1944

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”
– Miriam Beard