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Confession Wednesday #16



I saw the sign

…and it opened up my eyes. Ewww I can’t believe I just quoted that song! Well, I’m sure I knew I was burning the candle at both ends and sometimes in the middle too…but I pushed myself a little too far and now I am paying for it. So that’s it, all I needed was a little wake up call and things are already changing…

Say what? Here’s the scoop…

I got to take today off because I was in the ER Tuesday for 7 and 1/2 hours. Everything is fine and they think I just had my first migraine headache; the odd part was someone 27 coming in with their first migraine so they did a lot of tests to check it out. It’s all fine and no need to panic…because everyone panics when you say hospital right? :P

[what happened]
I left work at 4 and had someone drive me to the hospital right by my office because I was starting to lose my vision and I had a lot of pressure in my head. It started as just little spots that were fuzzy and progressed quickly. I was a little dizzy, but nothing too serious other than my vision. So I was in urgent care and the first thing they did was check to make sure I wasn’t having a stroke or I didn’t just have one (how fun); no worries there. Then they bumped me to the ER because they can run more tests on me…and they didn’t want to send me home. After some typical vitals the doctor came and checked to make sure I didn’t have a detached retina then said the spots, halos and loss of vision is what they call a “classic migraine” but they ran a CAT scan to make sure there was no stroke, brain hemorrhage, cancer, tumor…blah blah blah blah and shockingly it came back normal which anyone who knows me can say there is no way I am normal (ha!). Pre test results they did some more blood pressure tests, then started an IV…apparently they wanted to watch my blood pressure skyrocket and plummet since needles are my friends. So they start the IV and I’m a little woozy, but just feel like I’ll pass out a little and nothing big, the nurse thinks the same thing. Well one second after he started the fluid I jumped and tightened my whole body…this all unknown to me because I was listening to music and walking in a park or something, since I was passed out I had no clue. I woke up to the nurse yelling “HEY!!” I looked at him and was like “what the hell are you doing here?” – awesome!

After that I was beyond tired and freezing cold…2 hours after keeping me under observation and letting me watch people get worked on that were critical while my hand is numb from the f-ing IV they let me know all is fine and that if I rest it should just “reset my electrical system” -which makes sense because in the first few hours of waiting I fell asleep and felt better. I am supposed to follow up with my doctor or a doctor there in 2-3 days and let them know how I am doing and they suggested I see a neurologist because it is still a little rare situation.

So I am making a follow up appointment with my doctor and having my CAT scan sent to a neurologist for review. In the mean time I am cutting things out of my life to give myself more time for me. Yeay…

Other then that things are just peachy.

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