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In other news #23



I am all over the map

Wow…talk about mood swings the past week; stress is cool. Let’s see if I can stay in context on this one!

I am…

  • happy
  • pissy
  • loving my job
  • hating my job
  • loving my grades
  • hating my school bill
  • loving my new friends
  • hating my social life
  • loving my camera
  • hating my memory card (it’s too small haha)
  • loving my toys
  • hating my bills
  • loving my income
  • hating my car
  • loving my new car prospect
  • hating my down payment
  • loving my old friends
  • hating my out-of-shape-ness (shh, I made it up)
  • loving my iPod
  • hating my iTunes (lack of iPod choice)
  • loving my books
  • hating my lack of time to read as of late
  • loving my clean room
  • hating my pile of laundry
  • loving my new mac
  • hating my not-compatible-with-a-mac camera
  • loving my new storage boxes
  • hating my lack of storage space

I feel better now.

Photo moment #11



“A great secret of success is to go through life as a man who never gets used up.”
– Albert Schweitzer

So don’t be this piece of gum :)