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In other news #18



I’m a flickr whore

I have gotten 1003 photostream views in the few weeks I have been on Flickr. Not to mention that I have been taking about 5 to 10 pictures a day now. Random pictures of small things, circles, fountains and pics of me of course!

I always loved taking pictures, but I hated waiting to get the film developed or finishing a roll just to see one picture. Or those times when you take a picture only to find out later it came out like crap.

I love my digital camera! :) I think it might be my new best friend…not to mention it’s given me a new hobby that I am having a field day with!

So now I sort of have two blogs…one to write and one that’s just pictures. Each one tells a little story; one you have to read and imagine the visual portion, the other you see and imagine the thoughts.

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