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Scorpio – InfoSpace

Laugh more? Well how about I laugh at the connotation that this horoscope is threatening me at the same time telling me I need to laugh more?? You know, I think the astrologist working for seriously has it out for me. Those little turds know I over think everything and I’ll overanalyze this one and end up not laughing which will then make the “or else” happen which freaks me out so I want to laugh, but I can’t laugh because I don’t ever know what to think when I hear the threat “or else”.

See, I can’t even write a blog without freaking out. Damn.

“The stars have a prescription for you, and it’s a pretty easy one to fulfill, even if they don’t carry it at Walgreen’s: Start laughing more. Yes, things might be a touch complicated (although let’s face it — you kind of like that), but they don’t necessarily have to be heavy or gloomy. Along with that powerful intellect, you have quite the sense of humor. So figure out what you need to do to tickle it today, or else!”
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio – InfoSpace

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