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What the hell #8



Wild news headlines: a Roundup

I have saved a few crazy headlines over the past two months and I never blogged about them. Time to make up for lost posts in one conglomerate post! (sweet I always wanted to use that word randomly)

The Found Footage Festival – Odd clips from random videos found at thrift stores and garage sales throughout the U.S. So damn stupid it’s funny.

eBay: Huge Life Size X Wing XWING Star Wars Luke Skywalker – Nope, not kidding. Nerds around the world went crazy that they could have owned one of these and been the envy of all other nerds around the world.

DrunkSex: Church sign sparks debate – A sign in front of a Baptist Church, reads “The Koran needs to be flushed” …wow someone has some balls there.

New York Daily News – Home – Victim’s E-journal led to slay suspectTrue story! and scary to think that I might be blogging to save not my life, but other people from getting axed by some psycho. Yuck.