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Scorpio – InfoSpace

Interesting…with all the pictures I have been taking one might think that they got this one right for a change. I have been having a blast with the camera lately…I spent part of the day at a local nursery taking pictures and trying to get used to the color settings. I got a few awesome shots too! I mean I don’t think I am spotting a new career opportunity; but I am enjoying the hobby.

“Creativity shouldn’t be confined. Creativity can — and should — come into play in every single aspect of your life. What can you do to make sure that you give your imagination space to live and grow? Be playful, be open and be free. If necessary, get yourself to a playground and play on the swings for a few minutes. That feeling as you’re soaring through the air? That’s the kind of thing that will stimulate your imagination post-haste.”
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio – InfoSpace