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Blogs of note #10



Worth a mention, good for a laugh

TGIF…it’s a “feature” day at BD@BS!! Last week was a good list, but some this week were hard not to post about the day I read them…on with the sideshow!

Postsecret – Postcards sent anonymously to the blog author; scanned and posted on Sundays. I found this site early this week and wanted to save it for today, but it was tough. This is one of the most touching, funny, dark and overall emotional blogs I have found. A few friends of mine said “it just makes me wish I could give some of those people a hug” … “so honest and things I wish I could say”. If you have time: grab something to drink, relax, close your door and try to read each one.

Pantyraider – “food, drink, monkeys, and beats from the dairy air of mondovi, wisconsin, the streets of minneapolis, and the sands of bondi beach, australia” — snippets of life, but some awesome humor tossed in the mix.

What I learned today – Really neat to me I think just because it’s like participating in someone’s life. Funny to serious…stuff that the author learns each day.

Diary of a psycho soccer mom – We all know soccer moms are crazy, she just openly admits it and tells a tale of her days. Very personal, very cool.

Bunny Suicides – Not really a blog, but it has enough pictures to tell a story that is so damn funny you have to see it!

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