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Settling in



So it took me two months to pack, drive across the country and unpack so I could update my blog. Okay, that might not be the full truth…

The truck was packed on August 17th and 12 hours later we were in New York. By some sort of miracle we were able to fit everything into the apartment that we brought with us -IKEA gets some props for that. Our place feels homey, but it doesn’t feel like home just yet. Our friends (new friends) who have been here for a few years have all said it takes about 6 months before it feels like home. I’m pretty sure it will easily take that long…it’s a big change. Big. Change.

There have been a few fulfilled city adventures already, but many more on the horizon. Suffice to say, there should be plenty to blog about. :)

For now, I’ll leave you with this little gem I took of two people playing instruments on a subway platform. One was dressed as a skunk, the other a chicken. I love how random the city is!

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