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Packing and filing



The things we collect over the years that end up collecting dust say a lot about us. I’ve moved a few times -just apartment skipping if you will- in the past 10 years and I always laugh at the things I boxed up at one apartment…but I never unboxed at the new apartment. Maybe there is unopened mail just waiting to be shredded. Or the magazine article I wanted to read. Maybe, just maybe, the business card of someone who will have long forgotten me by now.

For this move, things are a little different. Instead of moving boxes to NY that I may not ever open, I’m opening every box I have and deciding: keep it, store it, toss it, sell it or donate it? I can’t take everything and I can’t store everything. I have to make a choice. I have lots of work clothes that I have no interest in wearing again…I’d rather get new clothes for a new start, but only if I need them. :)

It’s such a refreshing feeling getting rid of old things or passing them on. It’s like spring cleaning for the soul in far too many ways. I suggest you try it some time.

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