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Struggling days



One semester down and about one third of the way through the second semester. Last term if you would have asked me how things were, I would have told you “crazy.” Reading 1,200-1,500 pages in the first four weeks and repeating that every four weeks was rough. This semester makes last semester looks like a piece of cake…and not the yummy kind!

I have 26 textbooks, a few dozen journal articles to read and quite a few papers to write. One of my classes has almost as much reading and homework as an entire semester of undergrad. I almost forget that I asked for this! Actually, for all of the complaining I sound like I am doing, things are pretty good!

The only thing I have been struggling with is sleeping…I can’t get a good pattern down. Trying to calm my brain down seems to be only part of the problem. Even on a non-stress day I am just not tired at all. It’s getting annoying. Really annoying. If I try to read for school, my brain is a little too fuzzy and I end up needed to reread when it’s not late at night. If I play a game or watch TV, I almost don’t want to go to bed because I want to see what happens -even if I’ve seen the movie 100 times.

If it wasn’t so cold…I’d go for a walk.