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Settling in



So it took me two months to pack, drive across the country and unpack so I could update my blog. Okay, that might not be the full truth…

The truck was packed on August 17th and 12 hours later we were in New York. By some sort of miracle we were able to fit everything into the apartment that we brought with us -IKEA gets some props for that. Our place feels homey, but it doesn’t feel like home just yet. Our friends (new friends) who have been here for a few years have all said it takes about 6 months before it feels like home. I’m pretty sure it will easily take that long…it’s a big change. Big. Change.

There have been a few fulfilled city adventures already, but many more on the horizon. Suffice to say, there should be plenty to blog about. :)

For now, I’ll leave you with this little gem I took of two people playing instruments on a subway platform. One was dressed as a skunk, the other a chicken. I love how random the city is!

Packing and filing



The things we collect over the years that end up collecting dust say a lot about us. I’ve moved a few times -just apartment skipping if you will- in the past 10 years and I always laugh at the things I boxed up at one apartment…but I never unboxed at the new apartment. Maybe there is unopened mail just waiting to be shredded. Or the magazine article I wanted to read. Maybe, just maybe, the business card of someone who will have long forgotten me by now.

For this move, things are a little different. Instead of moving boxes to NY that I may not ever open, I’m opening every box I have and deciding: keep it, store it, toss it, sell it or donate it? I can’t take everything and I can’t store everything. I have to make a choice. I have lots of work clothes that I have no interest in wearing again…I’d rather get new clothes for a new start, but only if I need them. :)

It’s such a refreshing feeling getting rid of old things or passing them on. It’s like spring cleaning for the soul in far too many ways. I suggest you try it some time.

Rebooting in a new city



In three months I’ll flick the switch and start fresh in a new location. No, I’m mot moving my blog already, I’m physically moving to New York…and I can hardly believe it. Since my first visit to the city in 2002 I said I wanted to live there one day -maybe just for a year or two. Now I’ll have my chance.

I’m quitting my job after nine years, packing up what can fit into a shoebox of an apartment, selling my car and moving to a new city. It’s not because I have given up on Michigan either; I’m moving to go to grad school. I’ll talk more about school in posts to come, but I’ll at least tell you where I am going: The New School.

I wont be moving alone either, my fiancĂ©e is coming with me. Wait wait I know, I know. Yes, I know, how could I not blog about all of these things before? I’m sorry! I’ll make it up to you I swear it. I just needed to get you up to speed and we can work on all of the details later mmmmk? Great!

Now, does anyone want to buy a car?