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Finding the right way to hit pause



So I sat down the other day and I realized that I must be crazy. Up until December I was taking night classes, working 40+ hours a week (I’m a computer nerd by trade), working with two student clubs on campus, volunteering as a director of a library & museum, making wedding plans, reviewing grad schools, reviewing new cities to live in, working on my photos (rarely), trying to keep in touch with my friends and of course: sleeping, eating, cleaning and showering.

Now much has changed in the past 6 months, other than I’m not taking night classes now. Wow. I’m kind of an idiot.

My job right now is so stressful that I freak out when I talk about it, so I’m not going to talk about it. Well, I’ll say that I’m in an extremely awkward situation at my office that makes every day a shitty day.

This isn’t a very informative post. Deal with it.

So for those of you who also have cray lives…I have a list of things that I do to help me get through it all. In no particular order:

  • Play violent video games
  • Play video games where I can swear at other people on the Internet (so I feel like a bigger person)
  • Both of the above.
  • Read two pages in a book and (this is the important part) throw it across the room as if you are disgusted the author’s parents allowed them to read & write. Do this even if you like the book.
  • Point at yourself in the mirror and laugh. Note: DO NOT punch the mirror.
  • Sit in a room at stare at a wall for as long as it takes. Don’t ask me how long it takes, just do it until you’re done. You’ll understand once you try it.
  • Sit outside and stare at the ground. Don’t make eye contact with anyone for 2 hours.

Do these things actually work? Hell yes. All the time? Hell no. When in doubt, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and count to 10. You’ll be surprised how clam you feel after 10 seconds with your eyes closed. That is, unless you are driving…then you might actually be in a sheer terrified panic mode when you open your eyes. So that’s not really productive either.

Aw to hell with it. Just punch a mirror.

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