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Confession Wednesday #41



Growing up

Everyone grows older, but not everyone grows up. I’ve always taken great pride in thinking on the level of kids and not letting my imagination disappear with age. I like to be silly and I still love cartoons. One thing is different, I have some serious responsibilities now, growing up is a fact of life.

There are times I think about my bills and expenses and how I could change things. I’m not hurting too bad, but things could be better. After today, I am looking at things with a different angle.

I do some work on the side, along with a few others, where our decisions can have a negative impact on other people’s financial situation. Today I had to make a decision to lay off an employee. They knew it was coming and had planned accordingly. I realize I need to start thinking about the same thing.

Life is tough when you have to grow up…and here I thought being a kid was hard. :)

Random question #16



Bad comments

So you make a joke to a friend that should have been light, but ends up being terrible timing -like open mouth insert foot. You apologize and the friend accepts and says it’s completely okay because there is no way I knew about the situation and they know that if I knew I would have never said anything. I still feel horrid about it. Do I bring it up and apologize again, or do I let it go?

I suck.

In other news #57



I was bored

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What Is Your Seduction Style?

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Are You A Sociopath?

What the hell #35



SUV vs. Electric car

Did you know that over 100 years ago there were more electric cars on the road than gas? Me either. However, it’s true. The first gas/electric hybrid was built with power steering…in 1903.

What am I getting at? Where is the story? The Smithsonian decides to take out and store a GM EV1 -the only one that is still intact. What’s that? The GM EV1 is the only mass-produced electric car that was EVER made (currently electric cars are not mass-produced).

It must be stored to be replaced with something more important, like a Ford Model-T or something…right? Wrong. A Robotic VW Touareg will take it’s place. Well that’s kinda interesting considering the opening of the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” shows GM in a negative view and GM is one of the museum’s largest financial supporters. I mean, why else would a environment unfriendly SUV trump the last existing environment friendly “vehicle of the future”?

Politics. You love it.

Treehugger: Smithsonian Kills the Electric Car

What the hell #34



You’re fired

A friend of a friend made the news in a typical “grey area” situation the news likes to jump all over. If you have not yet heard an art teacher has been suspended and may lose her job for topless photos of her that appear online.

The photos were taken by a photographer whose pages I visit often (no…not for the nude content) and whose work I admire. A highly professional artistic photographer takes photos of an artistic person, who happens to be an art teacher. The school finds out and all hell breaks loose.

I know where my opinion stands, but alas, my views are never in the popularity when it comes to expression.

Teacher Might Be Dismissed For Pictures – News –

In other news #56



I get sidetracked

As I said recently, I can get distracted. Before I went on lunch today I looked up some information on Moleskine journals, because I find inspiration in odd things (recall: Confession Wednesday #5). Naturally I needed to do research before purchasing a $10 (hardcover) or $3 (softcover) item. Everyone does hours of research on their daily commodities right? Right.

So after a year –yes a year– of day dreaming about what Moleskine to get I settle on one. Well two actually. I realized that a nice small hard cover notebook would be perfect for me while shooting shows and taking notes of tracks, performers, etc -so I got a small reporter type version for my camera bag…but that’s not the point of this story. Not long ago Moleskine came out with a new notebook that is just what I want for my classroom notes, but I could not find the size and style I wanted in stores. I wanted to see it in person before ordering online -because I can’t stand wasting graph paper (mmmmm graph paper!!).

So today I embarked on my adventure…to get my first Moleskine; the legendary notebook of Hemingway, Picasso, Chatwin and others. See, I’m not the only one that finds solstice in office supplies!

A store that sells the ones I am looking for is two mini-complexes over from my office. I drove out and went right past it as I was day dreaming. Big surprise there. Once I realized it I figured I would just go to Borders, because they are supposed to sell them at some stores. I get to Borders and see the 3 for 2 new paperback table. I pick up one book…than another, then I find a third (to get the deal right?). Then I wonder the store looking for the notebooks and they don’t have the ones I am looking for. So I go over to the magazines, because I need to get a few updates before the June issues are gone and the July ones come out. The ones I have been researching before getting a subscription (for photo/book stuff) are about $15/ea. I walk up to the counter and spend $111. No Moleskine.

I drive back to the office, loop around and go to the store I wanted to go to. Find the exact ones I was looking for, buy an extra pack of one style -because I know when I want one for Fall semester I will be out of luck. Than I grab another I can’t resist not to have, because it’s one that I started drooling over when I first was looking. $66 later I am out the door.

Now I am wondering why I spent $180 (plus lunch and gas) in one hour to do something I could have walked to and spent about $40. Not to mention one of my friends made me a personalized notebook, complete with quotes and graph paper for my birthday 2 years ago that I have yet to touch.

I’m a graph paper junkie.