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Confession Wednesday #40



I wait until the last minute

Procrastinators Unite. Yes I know it’s Monday. Get over it…either I’m late from last week or early. Either way you get to read something. Okay okay I’m getting distracted (and that’s my segue).

You see sometimes I get distracted. I know it’s hard to see that happening when I only do one thing daily -well maybe more than one thing. I have this big project at work that I am running close to deadline on, yet I was thinking about 400 other things totally unrelated to work today…while getting a glass of water and thinking about how this would make a good blog.

Last week I had a long formal proposal due on Thursday night for my business writing class…that I knew about since the first day of the semester 3 months ago (short semester). I had yet to find a good topic as of Tuesday. After skipping a concert on Wednesday night I got a topic and some initial research laid out. I took a 1/2 day at the office on Thursday and worked on the paper for 9 hours straight. I had to turn it in by 9:50pm…so naturally I walked in the door at 9:20 after running out of the parking lot and into the building -just in case he wanted to leave early.

On the positive side, I think I work bet under pressure and I usually get A’s on the papers i write at the last minute. No word yet from the professor, but I’m expecting something back from him next week.

Ah, good times. Now what else can I work on besides my project for work…

Photo moment #62



“I dream of wayward gulls and all landless lovers, rare moments of winter sun, peace, privacy, for everyone.”
– William F Claire

[anonymous lovers]

Adventure #9



June 2006: Seattle

5 Days in Seattle. What did I see? West side, Pike Street, the Financial District, U District, dog parks, sushi on conveyor belts, Arboretum & Japanese garden and the rarest thing of all: the sun. With a constant forecast up to the moment I got on the plane of 3 rain filled days, I was in for a treat. Almost no rain (just a sprinkle or two) and sunny for all 5 days.

Pike Street Market is tge place many have seen on TV, where fish get tossed like sandbags while seafood stands are yelling out they have the “freshest fish”, “we fillet free!” and “buy today and eat for breakfast tomorrow!”. The veggies are always fresh and displayed in a rainbow of brilliant color as they are misted by hand every few minutes to give an even fresher look -as if their aroma wasn’t enough. What else? Every corner has a musician, so you know what I took photos of. The Arboretum surprise, Seattleā€™s Japanese garden was lacking color with very little in bloom so I focused on the snowflake-unique stone lanterns they had throughout the park. I was left with a nice collection of shots that I can’t wait to print.

Outside of my mission to get a ton of fire hydrant photos I did get to see the skyline -a few times.

For the rest of the photos of the trip and some nice shots of the Japanese garden, check out the Washington set @ Flickr.