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What the hell #35



SUV vs. Electric car

Did you know that over 100 years ago there were more electric cars on the road than gas? Me either. However, it’s true. The first gas/electric hybrid was built with power steering…in 1903.

What am I getting at? Where is the story? The Smithsonian decides to take out and store a GM EV1 -the only one that is still intact. What’s that? The GM EV1 is the only mass-produced electric car that was EVER made (currently electric cars are not mass-produced).

It must be stored to be replaced with something more important, like a Ford Model-T or something…right? Wrong. A Robotic VW Touareg will take it’s place. Well that’s kinda interesting considering the opening of the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” shows GM in a negative view and GM is one of the museum’s largest financial supporters. I mean, why else would a environment unfriendly SUV trump the last existing environment friendly “vehicle of the future”?

Politics. You love it.

Treehugger: Smithsonian Kills the Electric Car

What the hell #34



You’re fired

A friend of a friend made the news in a typical “grey area” situation the news likes to jump all over. If you have not yet heard an art teacher has been suspended and may lose her job for topless photos of her that appear online.

The photos were taken by a photographer whose pages I visit often (no…not for the nude content) and whose work I admire. A highly professional artistic photographer takes photos of an artistic person, who happens to be an art teacher. The school finds out and all hell breaks loose.

I know where my opinion stands, but alas, my views are never in the popularity when it comes to expression.

Teacher Might Be Dismissed For Pictures – News –