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Confession Wednesday #41



Growing up

Everyone grows older, but not everyone grows up. I’ve always taken great pride in thinking on the level of kids and not letting my imagination disappear with age. I like to be silly and I still love cartoons. One thing is different, I have some serious responsibilities now, growing up is a fact of life.

There are times I think about my bills and expenses and how I could change things. I’m not hurting too bad, but things could be better. After today, I am looking at things with a different angle.

I do some work on the side, along with a few others, where our decisions can have a negative impact on other people’s financial situation. Today I had to make a decision to lay off an employee. They knew it was coming and had planned accordingly. I realize I need to start thinking about the same thing.

Life is tough when you have to grow up…and here I thought being a kid was hard. :)

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