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What the hell #25



Lazy people

I know I complained about people in my office before -yes we still had this soap problem last week, almost a year after I wrote that. This time, however, we have a printer issue.

This woman comes to me because she has trouble printing. I look at the printer and see that she has put two side-by-side stacks of paper in a tray that is set up for large paper. I wanted to slap her. In any printer there is either a fixed size tray or adjustable tray. in either setting the paper is always in the tray tight. 90% of the time there is a sticker for the paper size or when you look in the tray you can see where the tabs are set and what paper size they are set at. Some computer nerd didn’t set this up so you have to be a rocket scientist, they were set up so anyone could change the paper.

I get more questions about our printers, that end up with me adding paper to a printer then I do any other questions here. It’s ridiculous. I don’t understand how such lazy people stay employed. Sure it’s great to have job security by working with a few morons…but I’d rather spend my day working on other issues and not wiping people’s noses.


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