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Random question #3




Why is it that an interoffice email has to go out to tell everyone: “Please do not put cardboard or paper next to the furnace.” ???

Not to answer my own question and not to surprise you; however, we did have one go out from the president of the company last year telling everyone they must flush the toilets when they were finished in the bathroom.

My office has about 35 people in it. We all know who doesn’t flush, doesn’t refill the soap, doesn’t refill the toilet paper, puts cardboard next to the furnace and breaks the equipment (before walking away)…yet they still have a job.

I love corporate America.

Photo moment #53



No quote…just a story

It’s no secret that I love music; however, it might need to be said that I enjoy all types of music (sans country…yuck). Some time ago I was able to experience something quite unique during my regular travels to local open mic nights.

What’s he playing? It’s a “parent” of the sitar, I believe it was called a “Saraswati Vina” (I looked it up online, tons of information). It’s most common in south India, but this musician had one he brought to a local coffee shop. It’s sound was amazing, the strings vibrate against the large wood body and echo up the bridge to the top chamber and “ball” [vestigial gourd] to create a very unique sound. Within seconds the shop was quiet as everyone seemed to be transported to the far East.

Looking back on this photo I can still hear it’s sound. I’m anxious to get my 35mm film developed after taking a few shots after the performance…