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In other news #43



This made me feel good

As my mother would say, I’ve been sensitive to world issues since I was quite young. I just felt like I was too alone to make a difference and I didn’t know what to do. This email I read today made me feel like I was a part of something good, I could be a nameless face in a sea of people trying to do something to help…and all I needed was my voice, not my wallet.

If you haven’t checked out ONE, you ought to give a peek to their website. So far with the voice of millions in the world the leaders of the 8 richest countries pledged an additional $50 billion dollars ANNUALLY to help the poorest countries by 2010. More then 500 thousand people have been put on AIDS medication, and 1 million people with TB have been treated…AND basic schooling for every child.

I’d say that’s worthwhile! Your tax dollars at work on something globally useful and caring…for a change.

“Beating AIDS and extreme, stupid poverty, this is our moon shot. This is our generation’s civil rights struggle, our anti-apartheid movement. This is what the history books will remember our generation for — or blame us for, if we fail. We can’t afford to fail nor will we”
– Bono, snipped from ONE email

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