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In other news #43



This made me feel good

As my mother would say, I’ve been sensitive to world issues since I was quite young. I just felt like I was too alone to make a difference and I didn’t know what to do. This email I read today made me feel like I was a part of something good, I could be a nameless face in a sea of people trying to do something to help…and all I needed was my voice, not my wallet.

If you haven’t checked out ONE, you ought to give a peek to their website. So far with the voice of millions in the world the leaders of the 8 richest countries pledged an additional $50 billion dollars ANNUALLY to help the poorest countries by 2010. More then 500 thousand people have been put on AIDS medication, and 1 million people with TB have been treated…AND basic schooling for every child.

I’d say that’s worthwhile! Your tax dollars at work on something globally useful and caring…for a change.

“Beating AIDS and extreme, stupid poverty, this is our moon shot. This is our generation’s civil rights struggle, our anti-apartheid movement. This is what the history books will remember our generation for — or blame us for, if we fail. We can’t afford to fail nor will we”
– Bono, snipped from ONE email

Confession Wednesday #30



I believe in Santa Clause

When I was quite young I believed in Santa Claus, but my curious mind brought forward the truth: my parents put presents under the tree -a plump man in a red suit was not breaking into our house…and my brother and sister fought over who ate the pie/cookies/cake I left out for him [Santa]. I asked my mom once how I took it when my parents told me that they were forging Santa’s name…she told me that they never had to tell me, it was just something I figured out on my own; but I did seem a little bummed out.

Many years later my family would still tease one another with presents marked “From: Santa” so we wouldn’t get scolded for getting each other too much. An innocent lie to say such a jolly old man dropped off the gift, it really wasn’t me! :) Secretly, I would still wonder.

Like my nephew writing to Santa, I too want to ask him questions. I too want to help! I just don’t know where I should write to. Santa isn’t a religious figure to me…he’s just a friendly guy that likes to make people smile; and I think he’s real. He has to be real! He’s brought me so many presents over the years, in forms of family, friends and even ideas. He’s been there to remind me about Christmas not get mad when I have to park 8 miles from the mall during the holidays. He’s been there, laughing in my ear…and always making sure I find the Christmas cookies in the office -the ones I like best!

I have a crazy imagination and I still can’t help but wonder if there really is a Santa Claus. I think in spirit there will always be a Santa in my head. Whether it’s the child inside me or my last bit of hope, believing that there really is some magic left from a time long since past. After all, the US government tracks his flight, and they have been for 55 years! They wouldn’t spend tax dollars on imaginary man…I say he’s real.

Happy Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa…Happy Holidays, may the sprit of joy and happiness be with you all this season.