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Photo moment #43



“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
– William Shakespeare [Hamlet, Act 2 scene 2]


In other news #40




Let’s just say the last 7 days went by slicker than snot. Between training at work and a last minute paper to write I’ve been out of it.

I’ll sum up how I feel with an excerpt from an email I wrote to a friend today…

I slept in a little today, but I slept like a rock last night and woke up feeling awesome…I was looking forward to work today (which is unusual) and I couldn’t wait to finish this project that has taken me months to get through…

Instead today I came up with 4 dead ends to 4 other projects and I haven’t even looked at the project I wanted to finish today.

On a positive note I have been listening to Stevie Wonder all afternoon…I’ve been listening since I want to carve my eyes out with paper clips I figured it might help to associate myself with a blind person, that way I wont actually do it. It’s tough to hold back.

Now I spent the last 30 minutes playing this game ACW was talking about: throw Paper in the trash.

I need a nap.