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Concert Review



Year in review

I have been to so many small and large venue shows this year I feel guilty for not writing about all of them. So to remedy that I’m going to post one or two good photos from every show I took photos at…mostly the ones I want to highlight :)

I was all over southern Michigan, Ohio and Canada to see people like: Michael Buble, Christine Baze ,Tamara Bedricky, Jody Raffoul, Animal Chinz, Tegan and Sara, Jenny Cummings, Tiffiany Vandenburg, Duncan Sheik, Natives of The New Dawn, The Vamps, Broadzilla, Sara Celina, Rachele Eve, Area fifty-one, John Unger, The Mega 80s, David Poe, Wes Buckley, Shannon Curfman, Lazy Sunday, The Jealous Girlfriends, Sarah Bettens, The Bomb Pops, BB King, Bobby Blue Bland, Jeff Tessler, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, Lisa Loeb, Apartment 4 and many more I can’t remember right now.


tamara bedricky IMG_0227_2
Jeff Tessler Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers
open mic open mic
tamara bedricky
open mic: 7000 tegan and sara
Lisa Loeb
open mic Sara Celina
Lazy Sunday
The Vamps Tamara Bedricky
Animal Chinz
The Vamps The Vamps
open mic
Lazy Sunday roller derby benefit
roller derby benefit Lazy Sunday
roller derby benefit roller derby benefit

I might stand out there…

…but I like to think I am sitting right here.

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