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Confession Wednesday #27



It is Friday

Shut up. I know it’s not Wednesday and NO my confession isn’t that today is Friday. Just go with it.

I am not a fan of chocolate. Yeah, I’ll give you a minute to let that soak in.

Right. So I am not a fan of chocolate. I’m not sure when, but at some point in my teen years I just lost a taste for chocolate, which is strange considering my addictions to junk food and candy. I do however, have a sweet spot for M&Ms. Wow do I freaking LOVE plain M&Ms -but only when I am in the mood for them.

That doesn’t stop me from being ticked off at the Mars company. Why? Because they got rid of my favorite M&M color…light brown. Why? I don’t know, but those ones just tasted better to me. It’s crazy!! They all taste the same, but I loved those.


So I got back from lunch a little over an hour ago. I ate a ton of food and I am way over stuffed…but I wanted some candy. Of course right? Right. So I go and nothing looks good except plain M&Ms, so I bought a bag. Halfway into it I miss those little light brown guys…but I’ll scarf this bag down and go buy another bag in 2 hours I’m sure.

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