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Confession Wednesday #25



I love junk food

I eat healthy, but I’m a junk food junkie too. Breakfast used to be my favorite meal, always a well rounded breakfast too. Since I moved out of my parents place (years ago) I can never seem to keep the cupboards full like my mother did. Now I eat Pop-Tarts or cookies for breakfast and on occasion I have an omelet for lunch.

When I do shop for groceries I shop once when I am not hungry for all the food I should eat; then I shop when I am hungry for all the food I shouldn’t eat. I end up with bags of chips, cheese dip, French onion dip, pretzels, junk junk and more junk. I love it!!

I just need to go shopping again. Last time I just bought one box of cereal and a half gallon of milk. The cereal is gone and the rest of the milk is spoiled. Maybe I should get a maid to shop for me…

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