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Confession Wednesday #24



I lost a friend

This past weekend I lost a good friend, someone I came to love in the past six months. Saturday night we went to a Halloween party and all was fine -everyone was having a good time, then it happened…

Let’s start from the beginning.

A few months before we met I had been in and out of a rut in my life. Something was lacking that I really needed. Through a mutual friend we were introduced; as it turns out we had a few mutual friends. From the start things looked like we were meant to be more then acquaintances. Before I knew it we were spending breaks between class goofing off and weekends together secluded from everyone else. We roamed the sidewalks listening to music and pretending to window shop…really we were looking at the world from a different view and trying to blend into the background. As we walked we would quiz one another about different ways to look at everyday things.

It was over before I knew what happened.

Saturday night in the midst of the party I slipped. Something happened. There was a crash. A few people asked what happened…the look on my face prompted a few “are you alright?” This was something love nor duct-tape could fix, this was permanent. It was over.

My camera was broken. My friend and confidant…lost when it hit the concrete floor from a dreadful height. A piece went flying…the shutter button…the case was cracked. After 25 weeks and 3 days…11,267 pictures…countless memories…it was over.


Thankfully I bought a service plan with my camera so with a single trip to the store I had a new camera in my hand, same model, just starting from picture number one. I was a little melancholy at first, but such is the circle of life…or electronics anyway. :)

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