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Confession Wednesday #19



I dance at my desk

I do! Now this post is not to be confused with Confession Wednesday #2: I sing out loud in my car. That was singing and this is dancing. Keep up!

I have a massive chunk of my digital music catalog at work, because I listen to music all day while I think of solutions to <a href="
“>Anonymous Coworker’s necrophilia issues. I’m kidding! I just wanted to steal some of his Google hits. Back to the point…

So I listen to music at work, but there are sometimes when I catch myself dancing in my seat to the point it’s hard to type. Is that so bad? I mean everyone needs a break to the daily grand sometimes so why not dance my problems away?

I just bought Soulwax: Nite Visions; it has a clubby beat with some rock tossed in (don’t ask why I say rock, but there is rock in it I’m telling you!) – I danced in my office to it yesterday during work, in my car after work, this morning on my way to work and I am listening to it now. I’m stomping my foot right now…

What’s my point? Well I never usually have one, I just ramble for hours on end…just like this lead in…

My point is that music helps my day go by faster and “better”. At lunch I close my office door, turn up the music and rock out while I eat, surf the web, do my homework and play poker. Forget the odd looks from coworkers, forget the background noise when you answer the phone: being professional is overrated! Just ask the professionals before you where it got them! Company car? Who cares! Bigger salaries? Who cares!

Dance, I say. Dance.

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