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Scorpio – InfoSpace

Interesting…I had no idea this wild energy was zipping around out there. Maybe I should have skipped out on going to “girl’s night”, for girls looking for girls (see if you can figure that out) last night and gone to “girl’s night” for girls looking for boys. :)

Just another smart ass remark: have you ever watched those surgery programs? Insides are gross! Sexy? Hell no…blood is only sexy in fetish horror movies and even then it’s not that sexy. :P

“Some scintillatingly stellar energies are zipping through your sign right now, giving you an extra dose of sex appeal. Not only does this enhance the power of first impressions, but it gives you the ability to think on your feet. Sparkling repartee, anyone? This is a welcome change after a brief moment of self-doubt. One of the biggest lessons the stars want you to learn is that sexiness has everything to do with your insides, and not nearly as much with your outsides.”
Daily Horoscope: Scorpio – InfoSpace

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